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    Since most of my income these days is live sound and live recording, I decided to buy a pair of powered speakers to use with my Behringer X18/Odroid XU4Q pair ( so I wouldn’t have to bring an equipment rack just for monitor mixes.

    I decided on a pair of Alto TX15s because they looked like they could serve well both as monitors and light-duty mains.  Alto was recommended by several people and the reviews looked good.  Plus, they advertised 119dB max SPL at 1M which is more than I’d ever need in a stage monitor.  I started playing with them and noticed they didn’t seem very loud, even when I cranked up the volume.  I ran some pink noise through them and noticed, even without any EQ and the “contour” switch set to “off” the limiter light started flickering at around 75dB at 1M.  When I pushed it harder, the limiter stayed on constantly.  The loudest they would get is 85dB and just started distorting when pushed harder.  I went to a local music store that had TX10s, which I tested using their equipment, and they behaved the exact same way.  So, it seems as though Alto uses false advertisement to sell gear.  On top of that, they high end was extremely hyped, as was the low end.  When I tried EQing them with pink noise, I determined that -7.5dB at about 8KHz-20KHz was necessary to get an accurate high end (I even got feedback at 20K before any other band. I’ve never seen that.)  I contacted their technical support about the issue and never got a response in over a week, save the automated “we got the message” thing.

    So, if you are tempted to buy anything in this line of speakers, I suggest avoiding them.  I’m going to see if I can find a used set of active monitors locally and try them first before buying.



    good heads up. I bought a pair of Yamaha speakers years ago. I have no complaints about them. then again, I’m not too much of a recording gear head.

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