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    3 months + ago I bought a quad damage pedal from circle of tone on youtube. I never got it. I had emailed him numerous times asking for tracking or an update. each time he never responded until I filed a paypal claim last week. suddenly he didn’t take issue with returning my emails, but said he would ship it out first class with tracking. he put in tracking in the paypal dispute. I got the package yesterday. it was just a first class box with a rock and foam in it. no pedal. the tracking says it was delivered and he thinks he got away with stealing my money. I contacted paypal again and explained to them the situation. they said the weight and tracking suggest I did get it. they told me if I didn’t like the product I could ship it back and they would refund me. so now I have to ship a rock back on my own dime! plus I know when he gets it he will claim I sent him a rock and not the pedal. the man is a thief! I have heard of others complaining about him ripping them off, but I thought it was just lies to hurt his company. I feel like an idiot.

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