Our Rules

Our rules are simple, but by creating an account with The Musician’s lounge you agree to our terms.

1. We are not in the business to verify every claim made by a member in a post. Any post a member makes, they are 100% responsible for. The musician’s lounge will not be held responsible for member’s content or posts.

2. We reserve the right to delete any content or posts made by members at any time.

3. We reserve the right to ban and delete members at any time.

4. Do not post topics that are not music or music industry related. i.e. don’t post about politics, religion, the holocaust, sexuality, etc.

5. Do not post anything pornographic.

6. Do not post anything that is copyrighted or trademarked.

7. Do not harass other members on this site.

8. Do not attempt to hack or exploit any part of this website.

9. Do not make impersonation accounts.

10. Try to keep conversations and posts civil and respectful of other members.

11. Absolutely no spamming.

12. Do not give anyone any personal information about yourself. We cannot verify the identity of anyone who creates an account. You must use caution when discussing private information.

13. We are not responsible for any data loss you have posted on this site.

14. We are not responsible for any type of private information that may be acquired by unethical means on this site. We try to keep this site as private as we can, but fighting hackers is a 24/7 job and we cannot guarantee any privacy. So please be careful about what information you reveal or store on this site.

15. If someone is harassing you or breaking our rules, please contact the admins.

16. If you make plans on purchasing any gear from another member of this website, please understand the musician’s lounge will not be responsible for any of the transaction. All transactions are from member to member and The musician’s lounge is not an online sales portal or is involved in sales in anyway. all transactions members are 100% responsible for.

17. Absolutely no doxing any other member at any time.

18. We will not be held liable or responsible for any loss or damage you, or your company may incur due to the usage or existence of the musician’s lounge.

19. We are not here to censor speech or opinions, but please keep it respectful. If we feel something was posted specifically to hurt, harm, harass, bully, etc. someone we have the right to delete it, as well as ban the user.

20. If you are affiliated with a company, you need to list that in your signature at the bottom of your posts.

21. have fun and meet new people!